Unboxing the Oxyllow System

Unboxing the Oxyllow System - Sleep Easy Technology


Hello, Anthony here to do an unboxing of our product just so you can see how it all fits together. The Oxyllow System is designed to help those with breathing difficulties get a better night's sleep by delivering oxygen directly to their face while they sleep.

What's in the Box?

In the box, you'll find an instruction manual that shows you all the different components and how they go together. If you have any issues or questions while setting up your system, there's a number for you to contact - which is my number. So feel free to reach out personally if needed.

We also include three sets of tubes:

  • One tube connects directly from your oxygen source (such as an oxygen concentrator) to a Y connector
  • The two other tubes connect from each side of the Y connector and lead into diffuser heads within the pillowcase-like Oxyllow System

Setting Up Your Oxyllow System

  1. To begin setup, first attach one side of a tube leading from your oxygen source into one port on the Y connector.
  2. Next, take another tube and insert its end through one side of the block-like part of our product - this will be placed inside your pillowcase next week. This elastic band stretches around pillows so users can easily adjust positioning according needs during use!
Oxyllow setup exampleNote: Make sure not only does each pipe enter properly but also exits at opposite ends before connecting them back onto respective valves found atop these two pieces mentioned earlier!
  1. Now, connect the diffuser head to this tube by pushing it onto the end. This will snugly fit into the foam material within the Oxyllow System.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with another set of tubing for other side your pillowcase's enclosure - remember: one should be on left while other is right so as not cause any discomfort during use! The closer proximity between wall-facing sides indicates which direction they need placed when facing user (i.e., closest part goes towards person).
Oxyllow positioning exampleNote that some people may only want their Oxyllow System setup on one particular side due preference; in cases like these we still recommend following all instructions provided but simply ignore those parts relating specifically about attaching tubes onto opposite ends since doing so won't necessary anyways!
  1. Finally, attach both sets of tubing from diffuser heads back into Y connector by pressing them firmly together until secure (one going straight down while others branch outwards). Your oxygen source hooks directly up at this point via last remaining open port found along same piece mentioned before-hand.

We've tested our product with patients using various prescriptions and setups, including those who only use one side or the other, finding that we can still maintain their oxygen levels despite differences in individual preferences. However, keep in mind that our system doesn't force oxygen directly up your nose like traditional nasal cannulas; instead it creates an "oxygen rich pocket" right in front of users' faces as long distance remains within three inches outlined instruction manual guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding setting up your Oxyllow System feel free call/text me at number provided on our manual or found online through website! Thank you for choosing us - we hope this helps improve quality sleep experience overall.

If you want to watch me talk about it here is the link to me talking about it: