Oxygen Toxicity: How much is too Much?

Hey, I just wanted to go over oxygen toxicity. And I've seen some questions about how much oxygen is too much. At what point am I just hurting myself and damaging my lungs? So, I found an article about it and wanted to walk through it and tell you what it means for someone that's on oxygen therapy.

Understanding Oxygen Toxicity Thresholds

In terms of how much is too much according to the University of Kansas School of Nursing in conjunction with the VA, they looked at some research here. If you want to look this up yourself, there's a link at the bottom. The bottom line is if you're breathing in above 60% oxygen saturation for over 24 hours, that can damage your lungs. It leads to free radicals that create edema or swelling within your lungs that over a long period of time makes your lungs worse and worse.

Check out the study here:


Nasal Cannula Oxygen Concentration Levels

With a nasal cannula - if you're on oxygen therapy - when looking at how much auction concentration am I getting at night? This is the correlating: If you're at one liter per minute, you're at 24%. At two liters per minute, you're at 28%, and so on until ten liters per minute. Most people are within this two-liter range.

So that's what you're looking at when it comes to home oxygen therapy using a nasal cannula – understanding how it works with different systems like the oxy system provided by Sleep Easy Technology.

Sleep Easy Technology Benchtop Testing & User Testing Results

We have done benchtop testing as well as user testing to show that our oxy system provides similar levels of oxygen concentration as a nasal cannula. For example, the red line in our graph represents someone's nasal cannula or what they would receive based on the chart mentioned earlier. When we test it with the oxy system using our simulation lung that we built, these are the levels of oxygen concentration (the blue line).

Fraction of inspired oxygen from 1-4L nasal cannula vs Oxyllow System

For those within that two liters per minute range, it works exactly the same as a nasal cannula. Once you get up to higher liter flows, there is some variation due to factors like the rate at which oxygen flows out of the tube.

Oxygen Concentration Levels with Oxy System vs Nasal Cannula

In terms of whether you're getting too much oxygen with an oxy system? According to that study I brought up earlier, you won't touch 60% oxygen concentration when breathing normally due to bringing in more air than just what comes from your nasal cannula or our product. These are the levels of oxygen therapy that you'll get using either system.

So rest assured knowing that if you have concerns about receiving too much oxygen while using home-based systems such as Sleep Easy Technology's oxy system or traditional nasal cannulas – both are designed with safety parameters and deliver similar results for most users within their appropriate ranges.

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