Oxyllow System: Unveiling Our Latest Product Updates

Oxyllow System: Unveiling Our Latest Product Updates

We're excited to take you behind the scenes of our recent product development activities. We have been laboring through our samples from manufacturing, diligently working on perfecting our offering and getting it ready for you.

New Features in Testing Phase

The prototype that we've tested extensively with our Product Ambassadors has some intriguing features. It comes with a covering coupled with an elastic band meant to go around the pillowcase. What makes this product unique is the ability to remove the covering and its innovative diffuser head tucked away inside.

If you happen to doze off resting your head on your pillow, this design creates an oxygen pocket for you, similar to the fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) provided by a nasal cannula.

Lessons Learned & Design Improvements

We learned valuable lessons while developing this product which led us to rethink and refine certain aspects before launching it into the market.

In response to feedback, we decided to get rid of the covering altogether. Now, it's equipped solely with an enlarged diffuser head that provides enhanced oxygen concentration delivery significant upgrade for users of this product.

To make things even more convenient, we added Velcro at the bottom so that it can be attached easily onto someone's pillowcase - special ones that come along as part of our package!

Different Preferences: Comfort vs Cleanliness?

A thought-provoking question arose during these updates: Would users prefer a cleaner version easier-to-wipe-down and sanitize or would they lean towards comfort and softness? The previous model had a cozy cover made out of ultra-soft athletic t-shirt material whereas now; being waterproof opens possibilities for thorough cleaning and disinfection without worrying about damaging the material or affecting its performance.
We are curious about what might work best from each individual standpoint when considering these two variations.
Are there any thoughts or personal preferences leaning one way or another? Your opinions matter greatly in shaping how we take forward this exciting new venture into creating products tailored just right for your needs! So don't hesitate let's start discussing! Thanks!

Reach out if you have thoughts on the topic!

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