Can you get too much oxygen from the Oxyllow System?

Understanding Oxygen and the Oxyllow System

Hey, I wanted to jump on and talk about oxygen in terms of the Oxyllow System and what it means. We did come across a question of whether you can get too much oxygen from the Oxyllow System as a nasal cannula replacement (NCR) during sleep because it creates an oxygen rich-ish environment directly on your pillow. Does that create so much of an oxygen cloud that people get over-oxygenated with our product?

Oxygen Levels and Testing Results

We've done a lot of testing when it comes to what fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO2) gets inhaled when you're within different ranges of the product. We found that when you're within three inches, that builds up this oxygen cloud that is similar to the nasal cannula FIO2 or what a doctor would prescribe you.

But when you move back one inch, two inches, three inches from that designated range, it dilutes so fast into the atmosphere that after three inches from the initial three inches, you are back to your normal ~21% oxygen saturation in your room.

Is There a Risk for Over-Oxygenation?

So when it comes to actual delivery and what someone gets when they use our product, there's not a risk that you will build up so much oxygen in the room from an oxygen concentrator that it will be hazardous.

In conclusion, while there may be some concern about getting too much oxygen from using products like our Oxyllow System due to its ability at creating an oxygen rich-ish environment directly onto sleeping surfaces such as pillows; thorough testing has shown these concerns aren't warranted since any increased levels quickly dissipate once moving beyond designated areas near where devices have been placed during usage times—and thus shouldn't pose any danger or cause for alarm among users themselves either!