Sleep Easy Technology Featured in Disrupt!

Sleep Easy Technology Featured in Disrupt! - Sleep Easy Technology

Here is a little bit about how one of our founders got started making the first oxygen pillow to provide comfortable oxygen therapy. 

Anthony Esplin invented a revolutionary new way for side and stomach sleepers to get supplemental oxygen without getting tangled in a cannula. Most people use a pillow when they sleep; Anthony innovated the average pillow design and turned it into a blow by system for concentrated oxygen flow. The Oxyllow System allows people to get oxygen flow by resting the sides of their heads on this comfortable pillow instead of needing to wear a cannula.

How the Oxyllow System was Born

With a background in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Utah, Anthony Esplin was familiar with reimagining and creating new products for medical solutions. He got the idea for Oxyllow after a neighbor told him that his son was having trouble sleeping due to low oxygen levels from not wearing a prescribed nasal cannula.

The boy had been waking up multiple times every night from dropping oxygen levels. Putting a cannula on him before bed was next to impossible because it triggered a PTSD-type reaction due to his memories of cannulas in the hospital. His doctor suggested putting the cannula on his teddy bear, thinking he might get enough oxygen by being close to the flow. This idea failed, but it gave Anthony the idea for a pillow that allowed this little boy to receive his oxygen therapy without having to realize he is getting treatment. The therapy came through his pillow and all the boy had to do was lay his head on his pillow.

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