Common Questions

Is this right for me?

This product is specifically for people with respiratory issues that sleep on their side or stomach with supplemental oxygen. It allows you a break from your nasal cannula. Have a cold and are stuffed up? The Oxyllow® System is a good fit for you. If you are a mouth breather and not seeing good results from your nasal cannula. It is a good fit for you. If you struggle to wear your nasal cannula, it is a good fit for you.

How often should I change my tubing?

Similar to a cannula the diffuser head is the part that gets breathed on and touches your pillow. In order to keep your product clean you should change out your diffuser head every 10 - 15 days.

We can keep track of when you need new product to promote over all health. See below for our Annual Oxyllow® Membership. We will send you disposable parts so you do not have to worry about it.

Does it work?

The Oxyllow® System has been used by countless individuals who praise its ability to improve their sleep, as compared to sleeping with a cannula. The following is a link to an Oxyllow® user's testimonial and how much she has enjoyed the freedom the Oxyllow® System has given her to return to sleeping like she used to. 

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How is the Oxyllow® System different from a nasal cannula?

The Oxyllow® System lets you experience freedom from your cannula while at the same time helping you maintain your blood oxygen levels without having to put a tube in your nose. For optimal use, it is recommended that you sleep with the diffuser head within 3 inches from your face. This space allows for the oxygen to build up in front of you while you sleep.

What liter flows does this work with?

The Oxyllow® System can be used at the same liters of flow as that of a nasal cannula. However, it is generally recommended to use the flow rate prescribed by your physician (Typically 1-4L/min). The most common usage is around 2L/min. The Oxyllow (R) System was designed to be set up on either side of your pillow. For optimal use, it is recommended that you sleep with the diffuser head within 3 inches from your face."

What if I am a back sleeper?

This version of the product is for Side and Stomach sleepers. We do have another version under development if you sleep on your back or in an upright position. Reach out to our contact us page to be some of the first to get the next version.

How did this product come about?

Here is a link to hear from our founders.

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